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What Are Tournaments?

International Slots League tournaments:

  • Are online slots tournaments
  • Are multiplayer: you play against other players in real-time
  • Give you a chance to win a prize from a central prize-pool known as 'the pot'
  • Start and end at specific times - see the International Slots League schedule for more details or keep an eye on your email for details regarding invitation-only tournaments

When you play in a tournament, the 'Win Box' amount will increase as you win. The Leaderboard shows your rank against other players according to your 'Win Box' amount. The players with the highest ranking on the Leaderboard win the prizes according to the prize schedule.
You can view the Leaderboard:

  • In the casino lobby
  • When you are playing in a tournament a mini-Leaderboard appears
  • At the end of the tournament your final position is shown as well as any prize amount you may have won

How to take part in a tournament

Log into the 7Sultans, Platinum Play, Royal Vegas or Vegas Palms Online Casino software to begin and then:

Click the 'Games View' button


Double click 'Tournaments':


Double click on the tournament you want to take part in and follow the instructions that appear:


Instead of publishing your actual name on the Leaderboard, the first time you attempt to join a tournament you will be asked to create an alias or nickname which will be published instead. Once you create this alias, it cannot be changed, and please remember you can only create one alias that will be used for all Microgaming casinos that you play at.

Types of tournaments

In addition to the standard ‘Scheduled Tournaments’ and the ‘Freerolls’, the International Slots League has now also added four more types of tournaments, all aimed at providing extra, exciting features and ways to win for all players. The following types of tournaments are now available to enjoy at the International Slots League:

Scheduled Tournaments

Scheduled tournaments start at a fixed time according to the schedule. Scheduled tournaments are usually by INVITE ONLY - keep an eye on your e-mail and the casino 'Message of the Day' for details.

Types of Scheduled Tournaments: 'Guaranteed' and 'Freeroll'
'Guaranteed' tournaments require you to pay an entry fee to take part. There is no entry fee for a Freeroll. A minimum number of registered players are required before a scheduled tournament will start. The prize amounts for the tournament will be published before the tournament starts in the tournament window in the casino lobby.

Sit ’n Go Tournaments

Sit 'n Go tournaments are NOT by invite only - anyone can register and play. Sit 'n Go tournaments begin as soon as the minimum number of required players have registered. Winners are displayed immediately once the tournament has ended.

Extender Tournaments

In the new Extender-type tournaments, you may use ‘Continues’ to build a Win Box score through several rounds of play. This will allow you to accumulate your score until the tournament ends. The player with the highest Win Box score at the end of the tournament will win the prize.

  • Extender tournaments use low buy-in amounts, allowing anyone to participate.
  • Re-buys are an optional element that may be added to provide a little more adrenaline and thrill to the tournament.
  • Check the schedule for Extender tournaments

One-Shot Tournaments

Getting the best possible score in a very short time is the name of the game in this particular tournament! The new One-Shot tournaments are filled with fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled excitement; one round only, and the winning player takes home the entire prize pool!

  • Because of the fast-paced nature of these tournaments, One-Shot events have no Re-buys or Continues.
  • One-Shot tournaments use low buy-in amounts, allowing anyone to participate.
  • Check the schedule for One-Shot tournaments

Reloader Tournaments

Similar to a lottery, the new Reloader-type tournaments provide all participating players with a level playing field; everyone starts on equal footing. These tournaments also allow players to play multiple times as they attempt to get the best score on the leaderboard in order to achieve a prize-position place.

Survivor Tournaments

This is one of the new types of tournaments, and promises to be one of the most enticing! Multiple elimination rounds take place with each event, and players attempt to be the last person standing at the end of the tournament in order to win!

  • Big rewards with an element of risk; Survivor tournaments are for the dedicated adrenaline junkies!
  • Each round resets the players’ scores; at the end of the round, players with the lowest Win Box scores will be eliminated!
  • The players who survive to the very last round will win prizes if they finish in the outlined prize position, e.g. Top 10.
  • Check the schedule for Survivor tournaments

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is 'Play Time'?
'Play Time' is the number of minutes you have to play during the tournament. Your 'play time' can be extended using the 'Continue' feature.

What is the 'Continue' feature?
Some tournaments will allow you to 'continue' once you have run out of play time. This means that you will be able to continue playing for a specified fee amount and your 'Win Box' amount will remain unchanged.

Can I play in any currency?
You can play in any supported currency, although the entry fee and prize amounts are displayed in US Dollars. The entry fee and prize amount will be converted to the equivalent value in your currency based on the exchange rates on the day that you register for the tournament.

Know your tournament terms

What is:

A freeroll?
A freeroll is a tournament that does not require you to buy into in order to participate. The only costs associated with a freeroll are re-buys (if you’ve lost all your money in the tournament, you can buy more credits to get back in) and add-ons (to buy more chips than you had as your buy-in at the start of a tournament).

A buy-in?
Your buy-in is the amount of money/credits you’ll need to have in your casino account in order to enter and participate in a tournament. Freerolls are tournaments that have no buy-ins.

A feeder?
Feeders are smaller tournaments that precede a larger tournament with a bigger prize. In poker, these tournaments are also called ‘satellites’. In most cases, you’ll need to participate in a feeder in order to get to the next tournament where the big prizes are.

A splash?

A splash is the larger tournament that is usually fed by feeders. For example, you might play in multiple feeders during the course of a single week, and gain automatic entry into the weekend splash tournament, which often offers substantially larger prizes. Some splash tournaments don’t restrict access to just feeders; sometimes its possible to buy in to the tournament.

A prize accumulator?

In a prize accumulator tournament, every person participating, every add-on or every re-buy used adds additional money to the collective pot. For example, if the pot starts at $200, 40 people participate, and the pot increases by $1.00 per participant, the pot will for that accumulator tournament will be $240.

Tournament Rules

By entering a game, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to abide by the General Rulesas well as the individual Game Rules of the Casino.
The following general rules apply:

The Casino reserves the right to do the following:

  • Disqualify any Players who do not follow Game rules, or who act inappropriately during a game.
  • Alter the rules and make final decisions on all game related issues as they occur.
  • All decisions are at the discretion of the Casino and are considered final.

The following Tournament Rules apply:

All Actions Stand
You determine the action you want to perform in a game by clicking on the appropriate button. Once you have clicked the button, it is final.

Joining a Tournament
The following rules apply:

  • A player may only play in a tournament they are registered to play in.
  • The maximum number of players that can enter the tournament may or may not be limited depending on the tournament. Ensure that you check the rules tab relating to the tournament.

Leaving a Tournament

The following rules apply:
  • Tournaments are played to the end.
  • If a player withdraws from a tournament before it is over, they forfeit their entry fee.
  • If a player does not return to a tournament, they forfeit their entry fee.

Starting a Tournament
The following rules apply:
  • The maximum number of players that can enter the tournament may be limited or not, depending on the tournament.
  • If you register for a tournament and are not logged on to the Casino system at the time the tournament starts, you forfeit your entry fee.

End of a tournament
Tournaments are over when the time limit expires or the Player has used up all their coins.

Cancellation of a Tournament
In the unlikely event that a tournament that is in progress has to be canceled, and the tournament cannot be paused or postponed by a few minutes, each player is refunded. The greater of either the player's buy-in fee or their prize amount (if the player is in the lead) will be credited to the player's account.

If a player is disconnected from the system during tournament play, the following rules apply:

  • If a player is disconnected during play, the slot will not spin on behalf of the player.
  • If the player reconnects within the tournament time, they can continue playing in the tournament.
  • If the player cannot reconnect, their Win Box total will remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.

Fixed entry fees
If there is a fixed entry fee for a tournament the following rules apply:
  • The entry fee is charged per tournament.
  • When a player registers for the tournament, the tournament entry fee is immediately deducted from their account.
  • If a player leaves the tournament before play begins, their entry fee is refunded to the player's account.

Tournament Coins
The following rules apply:
  • Players start with a set number of tournament coins at the beginning of the tournament. These coins are used to play in the tournament to accumulate a large payout as possible to determine the winner of the tournament.
  • All players start with the same number of tournament coins at the beginning of the tournament.
  • Tournament coins have no cash out value, and represent no monetary value. They are simply counters for the tournaments.

Triple 7 Bling Fest freeroll
The following restrictions apply to the Triple 7 Bling Fest freeroll tournament:

  • The tournament can only be won once in a calendar month by the same player.
  • If a player has won the tournament at least once during a calendar month, the player may be excluded from the tournament and unable to register for the rest of the month.
  • The tournament will again be open to the player in the following calendar month.

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